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African civs have a unique age up system, and completly different building set. Each african civ varies from the other and shared buildings are sparsly tied to each civ. Aging up is done at the library when 3 of one type of tech, or several different techs at the library are researched, aging up is possible. Export can be used to hire foreign units at the bazaar. The garrison trains basic units, the catonment trains stronger units, and the palace trains the elite unit, and heavy artillery. The food gathering building is the lot that when built only supplies a set amount of food and disappears when all of the food is gathered. As a result of only one villager being able to gather at each lot, lots must constaly be built to keep a decent food income. The granary upgrades lot gathering rate and over time (except for wagon) spawns lot porters who each can build one lot for free. The africans do not gather gold from a building. Instead a quarry is built, and quarry's (rock mines that cost 100 wood and 100 gold) are created from the quarry. Quarry gathering upgrades are at the same building. Watch towers are the outpost building. Later military and market upgrades will also cost export.

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