British religion founded by the monarchy.

Deacons have larger range than regular priests.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONanglican01 Rosary 200 Resource food, 500 Resource fame Villagers pray by themselves, even if there's no Church.
RELIGIONanglican02 Votive Candles 200 Resource fame Villagers get +3 line of sight.
RELIGIONanglican03 Veneration 300 Resource gold, 800 Resource fame Deacons are now able of praying.
RELIGIONanglican04 Angelus 400 Resource food, 800 Resource fame The angels now bless your army! Infantry units cost 10% less Food, but +25 more Faith.
RELIGIONanglican05 Witch Hunt 1000 Resource gold, 1500 Resource fame Deacons condemn 33% faster.
RELIGIONanglican06 Article XX 2000 Resource gold, 3000 Resource fame Deacons get much more hitpoints.