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There is one defining trait of a anglo civ. The civ has two factions. When a player ages up, four politicians are available. Two belong to one faction while other two belong to the other faction. Each politcian will give you the player, the unit for that faction at that age, some units, crates, or a improvement like a european politician, and a unique tech for that particular politician. A player is not forced to stick with one factions politicians and can have a mixed number of politicians from both factions. When the parliment building is built, a player can alternate from one faction's units and can leave that faction at any time to join the other. The parliment also allows a player to vote on multiple issues, resulting in improvements. As with other cultures, the anglo culture has its own unique techs at the arsenal, and has a set number of gathering techs at the market. Explorer is the shepherds dog which can bite enemies, and can hold the line of sight in one spot for a short time. The fur trapper is the secondary explorer, who can use crackshot, and can gather from huntables. Villagers are called pilgrims and have a good defense.

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