Religion that focuses on life after death.

Your Seer is a better healer.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONanimism01 Sorcery 200 Resource gold, 400 Resource fame Seer range and line of sight increased.
RELIGIONanimism02 Rites of Passage 200 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Units take longer to train, but their attack and hitpoints are increased.
RELIGIONanimism03 Spirit Possesion 500 Resource food, 700 Resource fame All your villagers transform into Seers.
RELIGIONanimism04 Survivalism 1000 Resource fame Seers are trained instantly.
RELIGIONanimism05 Spiritual Healing 200 Resource gold, 400 Resource fame Further increases the capacity of your Seers of healing units.
RELIGIONanimism06 Ancestor Worship 1000 Resource gold, 2000 Resource fame Your seers increase nearby units' attack, hitpoints, speed and gather rates.