Overview Edit

In Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty, the Australians are a unique nation where both colonizers and the colonized dwell and co-exist under competition to each other. Military force of Colonists and Aboriginals have disparate styles. The former has costly but stronger units that occupy more population space while the latter has cheap and weaker units that are suit for early rush. The Australian settlers cost half the food but coins, and grant a sheep when trained.

Bonuses Edit

Shared features:

  • Escalating Costs. While the Australian units are cheap, the more you have, the less efficient your economy is. (Although the cost change is hardly detectable.)
  • Auckland. Settlers brought lots and lots of cattle to these lands, and this will be reflected in game: every time you train a Convict Labourer, he will come with a sheep accompanying him.

Unique bonus for the rivals:

  • Rebellious Colonizers. On the side of the colonial party, they’ve got the bonus that their units behave like mercenaries, being cost effective, taking lots of population space, and being very powerful at what they do.
  • Sneaky Aboriginals. The Maori and Aboriginal party however take a more fine strategy, costing much less, both in population and resources, while also having stealth or other tactics to make them good at waging guerrilla warfare.

Unique units Edit

  • Convict Labourer: Australian settlers that come with a free sheep and cost 50 food and 40 coins.

Colonists Edit

  • Bushranger: A tough heavy infantry unit with great HP.
  • Rum Corpsman: A light infantry unit armed with a rifle with good ranged damage.
  • Pom-Pom: Early autocannon with a good rate of fire. Good against infantry.
  • Waler Horse: Population heavy ranged cavalry with a bonus against cavalry.

Aboriginals Edit

  • Headhunter: Fast melee unit armed with a Mere. Good against infantry.
  • Tupara Gunman: A light infantry unit with a good rate of fire. It can go stealth.
  • Aboriginal Tracker: A fast foot explorer with a bonus against special units.
  • Native Policeman: Aboriginal melee calvary with great melee damage and low HP.

Aging-up related technologies Edit

These additional techs are common features for Anglos and few of them can implement the weakness or create further advantages for respective nations. Take Australians for example:

  • Penal Colony: To make colonist units have less population count.
  • Ta Moko: To enable de-buffing action to aboriginal musketeers.

Check out [1] for more information.