Christian religion dominant in the New World.

Most religious improvements are free, but they take longer to research.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONbaptist01 Baptism None All citizens adopt the new religion. Villagers cost 50 Faith, and 25% less Food.
RELIGIONbaptist02 Glossolalia None Pastors comdemn 10% faster.
RELIGIONbaptist03 Tithe None You pay 10% of your current Coin. In return, you get a 15% faster production of Faith at the Parish. (Does not work)
RELIGIONbaptist04 Religious Protection None Settlers and Pastors may hide inside the Parish, which gets 100% more hitpoints.
RELIGIONbaptist05 Apocrypha None Pastor Coin cost changed to Food.
RELIGIONbaptist06 Home Mission Society None Houses can train Pastors.