Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • African Slaves. The Brazilians can either train their slaves using food, or quickly purchase more using coin, using their unique Slave Trade button. The slaves are stronger than usual on melee, being able to deliver critical hits. Also, they can be whipped in order to increase their gather rates but reduce their hitpoints.
  • An Agricultural Wagon every age up. This wagon can become a mill or a plantation, very early in the game.
  • Extra religion and immigrant. The multi-cultural formation of the Brazilian people grants them one extra religion and immigrant option.
  • Many explorers. They have the unique ability of sending several extra Bandeirantes from their Home City, all of them sharing the very same characteristics of a common explorer. Also, they start the game with an armed healer, the Jesuit Priest.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Weak explorers. Due to the fact they can have several explorers, each of them is weaker than normal, thus, easier to be knocked down.
  • Slaves are limited by the Abolition techs. In order to keep their training rate, they need to constantly research abolition techs at the Town Hall.
  • Whipping. Although it increases gather rates, it greatly reduces the defensive abilities of the slaves.
  • Unprepared army. The spine of their army, the Voluntario da Patria, are much weaker than usual unique units, but in return are cheap and incredibly fast to train.
  • Bad hunters. Due to their condition as slaves, their villagers aren’t granted the best weapons, just in case. This means that Brazilians have no hunting upgrades, them being replaced by even more Mill improvements.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Brazilians have several unique units, but most are not military.

  • Bandeirante: slightly weaker, but with the same abilities and immortality of common explorers. Several can be sent from Home City as cards.
  • Jesuit Priest: the only healer armed with a gun, can also found new Town Centers and build Trading Posts.
  • African Slave: has a stronger melee attack than common gatherers and can be trained by either using food or coin. Its build limit is defined by the laws of abolition from the Town Hall.
  • Voluntario da Patria: a colonial age skirmisher, is trained very quickly and runs to the battle in a patriotic act. However, they are unskilled, being fragile and dealing low damage.
  • Cassador Montado: the longest-ranged cavalry unit in the game, excel against infantry.
  • Guarda de Honra: very tough melee cavalry, the elite of the Brazilian Empire. However, they can only be sent from the Home City.
  • Fazenda: the Brazilian unique building is an enormous plantation field that can produce any resource and holds several gatherers.
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