Religion that seeks the path to enlightenment.

Your Bhikkhu regenerates.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONbuddhism01 Transmigration 600 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame Villagers are now free to train, but take 2 more population slots.
RELIGIONbuddhism02 Dharma 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Bhikkhu hitpoints greatly increased.
RELIGIONbuddhism03 Chanting 500 Resource wood, 300 Resource fame Bhikkhu now increase the gather rate of nearby villagers.
RELIGIONbuddhism04 Three Poisons 600 Resource gold Decreases the attack of your villagers, in exchange for a faster Faith gather rate.
RELIGIONbuddhism05 Four Noble Truths 600 Resource gold, 1200 Resource fame Your monks and Bhikkhu regenerate faster.
RELIGIONbuddhism06 Nirvana 1000 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame Your Bhikkhu can build a Buddha Statue, next to which units cannot fight.