Protestant religion that offers an alternative to approach to Christian life.

Your Huguenots can build Trading Posts.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONcalvinism01 Atonement 200 Resource food, 200 Resource fame Units cost 10% less Coin.
RELIGIONcalvinism02 Predestination 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Units produce 10% more Experience when trained.
RELIGIONcalvinism03 Divine Intervention 1000 Resource fame Your Huguenots gain the ability to become temporarily invulnerable.
RELIGIONcalvinism04 Covenant Theology 700 Resource gold Exchanges Faith costs on religious improvements and Huguenots for Coin.
RELIGIONcalvinism05 Exclusive Psalmody 600 Resource gold, 400 Resource fame When this improvement is researched, all of your current Faith is exchanged for a greater amount of Coin.
RELIGIONcalvinism06 Doctrines of Grace 1000 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame All your other religious improvements are instantly researched.