Overview Edit

The Canadians in Age of Empires III Wars of Liberty can gather wood very quickly using log cabins as houses which trickle wood. Canadians home-city cards are focused on being team oriented with many cards that benefit the entire team. The two factions of the Canadians are New England and New France. New England provides longer ranged units where-as New France provides units with shorter range but much stronger hand attacks. Food is not needed to age up as wood replaces food for age up costs. They have a strong arsenal of unique unit options in the early game and in the late game.

Bonuses Edit

  • Maple Trees. The most striking bonus about the Canadians is that with every building they construct, they also receive additional trees to cut down.
  • Friendly. They also have way more team cards than average, making them excellent allies.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Wood costs. Canadians need wood to age up, making their economy a bit shaky when it comes to advancing in age.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Canadians have Quebecois units, who prefer to fight from close quarters, and British units, who are better at fighting from range.

  • Log Cabin: Their unique house.

If you choose New France... Edit

If you choose New England... Edit

  • Foot Guard: A Grenadier type of unit. Cheap and efficient.
  • Fencible: A light infantry unit with long range and a bonus against infantry and artillery.
  • Mountie: A tanky ranged cavalry with a bonus against cavalry and artillery.
  • Black Watch: A tough heavy infantry unit with a longer range than most units.

Home City Cards Edit

See Canadian Home City Cards

Factions Edit

New England Edit

New England pertains to the English of Canada. The unique units of the faction include the Foot Guard, Fencible, Mountee, and Blackwatch. These units are longer ranged than their French counterparts and also have a somewhat weaker hand attack. Also, their ranged attacks tend to deal more damage.

New France Edit

Naval Flag of the Kingdom of France (Civil Ensign).svg

New France pertains to the French of Canada (Quebec). The unique units of the faction include the Mousquetaire du Roi, Metis Rebel, Mississauga Horse, and Voltiguer du Quebec. French unique tend to have a shorter range than thier English counterparts, yet possess both a strong hand attack and have more multipliers against certain units. Also, some units like the Metis Rebel and Mississauga Horse cost wood instead of coin making them much easier to train in mass thanks to Log Cabins.

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