African religion mixed with Christan values.

Babalorixás have a strong hand attack.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONcandomble01 Oro Leaves 400 Resource gold A successful destiny reading provides you with approximately 500 Faith in crates for every 10 minutes of game length, up to 30 minutes.
RELIGIONcandomble02 Trance 200 Resource food, 600 Resource fame An unknown state of mind. Greatly boosts the hitpoints of Babalorixás, and a little of slaves.
RELIGIONcandomble03 Cowrie Shell Divination 200 Resource food, 300 Resource fame Reveals the location of all fishes and whales on the map.
RELIGIONcandomble04 Carnival Dance 600 Resource food, 1000 Resource fame Greatly cheapens the price of Slave Trade.
RELIGIONcandomble05 Occultism 1200 Resource gold, 3000 Resource fame Wraps Babalorixás in a mist of darkness, allowing them to move stealthy.
RELIGIONcandomble06 Cult to the Orixá 800 Resource food, 1600 Resource fame The greatest of the Candomblé gods grants a magic strength to the Babalorixá.