Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Golden Age. The danes have the power of the Golden Age, temporarily giving them and their allies better gather rates and experience when killing when reaching a new age.
  • Ox carts. They have access to Ox carts, a mobile building that improves resource gathering or can turn into an economic building.
  • Knowledge is power. The Danes start the game with a shipment already available. Also, they age-up 50% faster..
  • Frozen sea. Enemy ships that get close to a Danish Anchorage freeze.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Reliant on being on the move. The Danes need to be always fighting and getting golden ages, otherwise, they become stale. Defensive civilizations will give them a hard time.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Danes don't have many unique units and one unique building.

  • Anchorage: dock that freezes enemy ships.
  • Snapphane: Their unique skirmisher. Can build military buildings.
  • Ox Cart: Improves villager gathering and can turn into economic buildings.
  • Gunboat: A lighter version of the Sloop.
  • Espingol: Trained at the factory, replaces Heavy Cannon. Has less range but better rate of fire.
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