Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Free Uhlans. The Germans receive Free Uhlans with every shipment.
  • Healthy. Units regenerate slowly when idle.
  • Krupp factory. Artillery depots spawn artillery units slowly.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Population count. Due to so many free units, your strategy may break because of population count.
  • Coin dependant. Germans require a lot of gold to keep the machine of war running. German players will have to secure key resources constantly to stay in the game.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Germans have powerful new unique units, while losing all previous medieval units.

  • Uhlan: A Heavy cavalry unit with low hitpoints but a massive attack. Carries a lance.
  • Landwehr: An all around infantry unit. It can stand his ground against everything.
  • Jaeger: A more tough version of the skirmisher.
  • Totenkopf Hussar: Swift and effective Heavy cavalry unit, very reliable. Heals faster than other units
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