Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • All military units are mercenaries. So they’re all slightly stronger than usual, and have an increased coin cost.
  • They age up by dynastic marriages. The Habsburgs don’t have natural bonuses, but every age up grants you the possibility of marrying one of your princes to a princess from one European country. When this happens, the Habsburgs absorb the bonus from that nation, and they’re cumulative!
  • Unpredictable bonuses. Since they have 16 different marriage possibilities, the Habsburgs can have many different bonus combinations.
  • Mercenaries from the entire Europe. The definitive mercenary nation, they have access to a map of Europe from where they can send mercenaries from any country.

Weaknesses Edit

  • No early bonus. Until they age up, they have no bonus at all.
  • Ageing up does not grant units or resources. When they age up, their only prize is absorbing the bonus from that nation. They never get crates or units from age ups.
  • Vulnerability to spies. Since all military units are mercenaries, they are all vulnerable to spies, their major weakness. However, they have their own tricks to counter them.
  • Resource demanding This civilization requires a lot of resources to function properly.

Unique units and buildings Edit

Since all Habsburg units are mercenaries, they have a whole new set of units.

  • Pandour: The all-around infantry unit, is good against cavalry in melee.
  • Pavisier: Early gunpowder infantry armed with a large shield. Can take a lot of damage.
  • Landsknecht: Early halberdier, has an area damage, making it really useful to beat cavalry.
  • Grenzer: The Habsburg skirmisher, really good at fighting infantry.
  • Doppelsoldner: Habsburg two-handed sword, armored infantry. Fights in melee, and is good against anything within his reach.
  • Reiter: The dragoon equivalent, is really well armored, even for a mercenary.
  • Krajisnik: Habsburg hand cavalry, can deal and resist for much longer than a regular hussar.
  • Saker: All around artillery, good against infantry, cavalry and even other artillery.
  • Demicannon: Archaic, but very strong, cannon. Good against anything it can strike.
  • Magyar Grenadier: Grenadier that’s devastating against infantry and buildings.
  • Fougasse: Petard like unit that causes huge explosions.
  • Tross: Female settler, can detect spies.
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