Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Expansive empire. The further away your military units are from your Town Center, the stronger they are. This bonus does not stack, so it will only work with the closest Town Center.
  • Rule through Revolution. Each age, the Haitians have access to a revolutionary politician; a new set of presidents to rule your empire. They are more expensive than other politicians, but research extremely quickly and bring powerful military advantages.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Poverty. The cheapest age-up option is even cheaper and slower than usual. Conversely, the most expensive is even more expensive and faster

Unique units and buildings Edit

  • Royalist: Unique explorer. Carries a machete and generates XP when gathering from treasures.
  • Sevite: Unique villager. Works as a normal villager, with the exception that instead of dying, they collapse.
  • Affranchi: Coronel with new texture and new name.
  • Picket: Conscript counterpart. It's large line-of-sight makes it useful for penetrating deep into enemy territory.
  • Caco: Escopetero counterpart. Has a bonus against villagers in Melee.
  • Voodoo Monument: the Haitian unique building is an unassuming landmark with the powerful ability to convert enemy units to your cause.
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