One of the oldest religions in the world.

Your Acharya is resistant to ranged attacks.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONhinduism01 Samsara 600 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame You can only have up to 6 Acharyas now, but they are spawn for free at your Mandir if their numbers are lower than this limit.
RELIGIONhinduism02 Karma 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Your Acharya has extra protection against attacks.
RELIGIONhinduism03 Yagya 200 Resource fame Get 1 free Acharya with every religious improvement after this one; +1 Acharya.
RELIGIONhinduism04 Neetishastra 600 Resource gold, 1200 Resource fame Improvements research faster.
RELIGIONhinduism05 Moksha 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource food All your villagers transform into crates of Faith. (Does not work)
RELIGIONhinduism06 Kalkiyaavatar Dynamic An Avatar of Vishnu is called to Earth to fight for your cause for two minutes.