Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Population Growth. Indians will, with every shipment, receive free villagers. You'll receive more every age.
  • Sacred Cow. Additionally, cattle will trickle XP under your control, trickle increases when tasked to a Sacred Field.
  • Elephants. Lastly, this civilization has access to powerful elephants. Tough units that can easily turn battles.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Villagers cost wood. Wood, the slowest natural resource to be collected, is the cost for their villagers, making their gameplay different from most civs.
  • Sacred Cows. They won’t be able to kill Cattle, no matter the means, meaning they won’t be able to obtain food from them.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Indians are largely unchanged from their appearance in The Asian Dynasties, though they do posses more artillery.

  • Sepoy: A powerful Heavy Infantry with a range attack. Good against Cavalry in melee.
  • Ghurka: An early skirmisher, good against Heavy Infantry.
  • Rajput: A fast melee unit. Good against Infantry.
  • Sowar: Heavy cavalry with a small bonus against Infantry.
  • Zamburak: A very cheap Light cavalry, with a bonus against Cavalry.
  • Mahout Lancer: A powerful melee elephant unit. Has lots of HP and Siege damage.
  • Flail Elephant: A light Elephant unit with good Siege damage.
  • Siege Elephant: An elephant with a cannon on its back. Good against buildings.
  • Sacred Field: Cows can be tasked to this building to generate experience faster.
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