Middle-east religion strong in principles.

Imams train faster.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONislam01 Month of Ramadan 100 Resource food, 100 Resource fame Citizens go one month fasting. All units cost -5 Food.
RELIGIONislam02 Ritual Prayers 500 Resource wood, 500 Resource fame For the rest of the game, a small trickle of Faith enriches you.
RELIGIONislam03 Diwani Script 500 Resource gold, 700 Resource fame Blueprints are read faster. All buildings take 25% less time to be built.
RELIGIONislam04 Sultan's Treasury 600 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame All resource crates include 50% more resources.
RELIGIONislam05 Hajj 800 Resource gold, 800 Resource fame Imams return from their pilgrimage to Mecca. Each Town Center will spawn 3 Imams.
RELIGIONislam06 Jihad 3000 Resource food, 3000 Resource gold, 3000 Resource fame The war against the infidel! Units get 40% stronger, but cost extra 100 Faith each.