Ancient religion that favors traditional values.

Rabbis pray at the Synagogue.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONjudaism01 Kippah 100 Resource food, 100 Resource fame Settlers get +30 hitpoints.
RELIGIONjudaism02 Torah 400 Resource gold, 200 Resource fame Rabbis and villagers pray more efficiently.
RELIGIONjudaism03 Dayan Judges 300 Resource gold, 600 Resource fame All villagers are promoted to Rabbis.
RELIGIONjudaism04 Diaspora 500 Resource gold, 1500 Resource fame An incoming wave of Jewish settlers from all over the world. Delivers 20 villagers.
RELIGIONjudaism05 Shabbat 100 Resource food, 200 Resource fame 6 Sheeps are delivered at your Home City Gather Point.
RELIGIONjudaism06 Yom Kippur 2000 Resource food, 2000 Resource gold, 5000 Resource fame New Year fasting significanly reduces the Food cost of all units.