Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Religious embassy. The Koreans have a building that combines both the Embassy and the Temple. They work with faith instead of export, and ally to religious orders.
  • Banner Fleet. They train ships in blocks, saving both in costs and training times.
  • Very religious. Whenever you train a villager, you also get some faith.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Good only at Range. Koreans have specialized themselves in fighting from range, they’ll suffer greatly if trying to fight from close quarters.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Korean units are made to fight from range, though they aren't particularly long ranged, they instead have more variety when choosing this path.

  • Victory Gunner: Korean Hand Cannon unit. Ranged Infantry, good against Cavalry.
  • Myong Goong: Korean archer with excellent range, but poor hand combat, good against Infantry
  • Dangpa Spearman: Korean Spearman. Good against Cavalry and Buildings.
  • Fire Lancer: Korean Heavy Infantry Rocket Launcher. Good against infantry and buildings at range. Has area attack.
  • Choson Cavalry: Korean Horse Archer. Good against heavy cavalry.
  • Battle Wagon: Heavy Ranged cavalry. Very strong in hit points.
  • Chongtong: Korean cannon, good against artillery and buildings.
  • Hwacha: Korean artillery unit. Good against infantry, has considerable range.
  • Fire Cattle: Korean suicide unit. Good against buildings, but is destroyed after its attack.
  • Hyeopson: Korean Light Battleship
  • Panokseon: Korean Heavy Battleship. Can train units.
  • Jeobju: Korean Mounted Donghak Monk. Can boost his attack through the 7 saint spears ability. Can stun treasure guardians and collect treasures. If knocked down can be revived by a nearby unit. A new Jeobju can be trained in the Town Center for 300 gold.
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