Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Bounty. The Mapuche have mastered the art of sacking enemy cities and knowing what’s the best to use for their objectives, as such, everything the Mapuche do will bring more experience than normal.
  • Hardwork. More than that, villagers will too trickle extra XP with every activity they realize.
  • Cahuin. Finally, the Mapuche have their tribal council directly on the battlefield, meaning that they can perfectly send various shipments at once.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Elders, not warriors. Your tribal council, while useful for exploring, is still weak and, if taken down, you won’t have any of their shipments available for use.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Mapuche favour cavalry warfare, though their infantry still has excellent siege damage and they can also use their artillery for good effect.

  • Waikilaf: Melee unit with a bonus against Cavalry.
  • Trangelaf: Melee unit with a bonus against Infantry.
  • Tralkatufe: Range unit with a bonus against Infantry and Cavalry.
  • Mawidanche: Emergency unit. Good against everything.
  • Huampelen: Cavalry unit with a bonus against special units. Good at exploring.
  • Winitufe: Light cavalry unit with a bonus against Cavalry and Siege.
  • Malalkawuello: Poweful cavalry unit with a bonus against Infantry.
  • Malon: Cavalry unit good at raiding and besieging.
  • Artillery Piece: A weak Artillery unit with a bonus against Infantry.
  • Ruka: An expensive building that provides a lot of population.
  • Tribal council: You have 5 explorers. Each one representing a part of your Homecity. You can send shipments from them.

Monument Powers of Nature Edit

  • Battle Drums. Available at Discovery Age for all SAN, it trains a certain amount of warriors anywhere on the map.
  • Snow Warning. Available at Colonial Age, slows down all enemies in that area.
  • Captivity. Available at Fortress Age for all SAN, instantly imprison some enemy units.
  • Earthquake. Available at Industrial Age, greatly damages buildings.
  • Tornado. Available at Imperial Age, damages everything in its path, which is completely random.
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