Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Día de los Muertos. Mexicans hold great regard for their dead, as a legacy to the cultures that preceded this nation, where some traditions still manifest. Ingame, this is seen in your Chinacos who, once dead, give back part of their cost through their tombstone.
  • Bounty Hunter. The Mexican explorer, the Bounty Hunter, moves slower than usual but has a bonus against other heroes, easily killing them.
  • Presidios y Pueblos. Unlike any other civilization, you start with two town centers, the Pueblo, which acts like a normal Town Center, and the Presidio, acting more as a Fort that can also produce Chinacos.
  • Pistoleros. Another important aspect is that, whenever you research a tech, you’ll receive a Pistolero, sometimes even two.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Outlaws. One must remember, however, that Pistoleros take a good amount of population space, limiting your capacity to train other units early on.
  • Slow Growth. They are a defensive civ, and are not particularly good at rushing, meaning that they will have to keep their ground in the beginning of the game.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Mexicans have an infantry focus, while also favoring toughness over damage.

  • Soldadera: A Light infantry unit that can heal other units. Good against Infantry.
  • Chinaco: Their unique villager. Once it dies, it retrieves some of the food it costed to train.
  • Presidio: Unique building, works as a house, a barracks, a Stable, an outpost and a Town Center. You start the game with one.
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