Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Free Villagers. The Ottoman Empire has villagers that slowly train automatically.
  • Looting. Every time an Ottoman unit attacks, it generates a small amount of coin.
  • Strong Military. Their Military units are, for the most part, stronger versions of their western counterparts. They also bring you more Experience when trained.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slow Villagers. Villagers train time is terribly slow unless you research church techs and their build limit is also limited until you do so.
  • Outdated military. Their military, while strong, has weak bonuses, and can quickly become weak, costly and subpar compared to their western counterparts.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Ottomans have several unique units.

  • Janissary: A powerful Heavy infantry. Very tough.
  • Abus Gun: A siege unit with a bonus against Infantry.
  • Nizam-i-Cedid: Their ultimate unit. An unmatched Musketeer equivalent.
  • Galley: A powerful version of the European Sloop.
  • Spahi: Tough cavalry unit. Can only be sent from the Homecity.
  • Deli: Fast Heavy cavalry unit.
  • Humbaraci: The Turkish version of the grenadier.
  • Great Bombard: Massive cannon. Good against everything. can only be sent from the Homecity.
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