Peruvians are a Latin American civilization.

Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Rush! Every building-dependent system will be enabled one age earlier, including Town Centers, Immigrants, Religions, and Military buildings.
  • Retreat. Dead units increase nearby allied unit speed and give LOS.
  • Military Fortresses. Military Buildings shoot when garrisoned with villagers.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Peruvians focus on micromanagement and support units.

  • Prócer: Explorer. Can train Decoys.
  • Cholo: Villager. Can garrison in any building.
  • Mariscala: Rabona Hero unit sent from the Home City. Can train Decoys and build Town Centers and Trading Posts.
  • Legión Peruana: heavy infantry grenadier.
  • Morochuco: light ranged cavalry that can hunt.
  • Grieve Cannon: cheaper heavy artillery, good against infantry and buildings.
  • Rabona: female support unit and healer trained from the Town Center. Can build military buildings.
  • Decoy: half the cost and HP of a normal unique unit, cannot attack.
  • Guanera: Unique Building. Water plantation that fattens over time. Every time you send a card, the Guanera returns some experience.

Investment SystemEdit

Peruvians have a unique feature which is the Military Investment System, these are additional improvements for all military units. These improvements are available at the Barracks, Stables, Artillery Fountry and Docks.

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