What are religons in Wars of LibertyEdit

The church building for the europeans in aoe3 served the purpose of training healers, and providing improvements for a civ. In wars of liberty the church serves a much more signifigant role. Any civ has a choice of 3 religons based on the historical background of that civ. One choice is always Laicism (no religon), and two other civ based religons. Its costs 200 gold to research a religon at the church. Note that all previous functions of the church are still enabled for the church such as researching improvements for europeans, training mercanaries for asians, and the abilities of dancing at the fire pit for native americans. After the tech is researched, the church becomes a gathering building for a new resource faith (similar to favor from aom) and it is gathered mainly by having villagers gather at the church as if it was a mill or plantation. There is always 6 improvments provided by each religon and varying technologies for upgrading healers, and the faith gathering rate of villagers. If the advanced religon card is played by a civ, then the church can also train inquisitors (a spy, priest hybrid) priests ability to condemm are improved. Only one church is allowed for any civ except for the Catholic religon that can have multiple churches, and the egyptians who can manage to get two church wagons by building one, and then researching the 3rd tech at the library wagon.

List of ReligionsEdit

Religion Description/Bonus Temple Name Priest Name Highest Priest Upgrade Highest Faith Upgrade
RELIGIONatheism Laicism

No state religion.

Allows late-game scientific research and a cheaper healer, the Physician, who is unable to condemn.

Temple Physician None None
RELIGIONanglican Anglican

British religion founded by the monarchy.

Deacons have larger range than regular priests.

Church Deacon Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFaith (II)
RELIGIONanimism Animism

Religion that focuses on life after death.

Your Seer is a better healer.

Sanctuary Seer Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeDogma (IV)
RELIGIONbaptist Baptist

Christian religion dominant in the New World.

Most religious improvements are free, but they take longer to research.

Parish Pastor Priestupgrade4Sanctity (IV) FaithupgradeFaith (II)
RELIGIONbuddhism Buddhism

Religion that seeks the path to enlightenment.

Your Bhikkhu regenerates.

Pagoda Bhikkhu Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFervor (III)
RELIGIONcalvinism Calvinism

Protestant religion that offers an alternative to approach to Christian life.

Your Huguenots can build Trading Posts.

Meeting House Huguenot Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFaith (II)
RELIGIONcandomble Candomblé

African religion mixed with Christan values.

Babalorixás have a strong hand attack.

Casa Branca Babalorixá Priestupgrade2Redemption (II) FaithupgradeFervor (III)
RELIGIONcatholic Catholic

Christian religion dominant on most of the world.

Allows the construction of one extra Abbey.

Abbey Priest Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeDogma (IV)
RELIGIONheliolatry Heliolatry

Religion based on the worship of the Sun.

Your Diviner has greater line of sight.

Observatory Diviner Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeDogma (IV)
RELIGIONhinduism Hinduism

One of the oldest religions in the world.

Your Acharya is resistant to ranged attacks.

Mandir Acharya Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeDogma (IV)
RELIGIONislam Islam

Middle-east religion strong in principles.

Imams train faster.

Mosque Imam Priestupgrade4Sanctity (IV) FaithupgradeFervor (III)
RELIGIONjudaism Judaism

Ancient religion that favors traditional values.

Rabbis pray at the Synagogue.

Synagogue Rabbi Priestupgrade4Sanctity (IV) FaithupgradeDogma (IV)
RELIGIONlutheran Lutheran

The first Christian religion that emerged from the Reformation.

Once chosen, two Preachers spawn from Chapel.

Chapel Preacher Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFaith (II)
RELIGIONorthodox Orthodox

Christian religion based on eastern traditions.

Hegumens spawn automatically.

Sanctuary Hegumen Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFervor (III)
RELIGIONshamanism Shamanism

Religion based on native beliefs.

Shamans cost only Faith, free of Coin.

Altar Shaman Priestupgrade2Redemption (II) FaithupgradeFervor (III)
RELIGIONShinto Shinto

Folk religion of Japan.

Two Kami spawn from your Kannushi when he dies.

Jinja Kannushi Priestupgrade1Devotion (I) FaithupgradeBelief (I)
RELIGIONtaoism Taoism

Religion that emphasizes living in harmony.

Your Daoshi moves faster.

Gong Daoshi Priestupgrade3Purity (III) FaithupgradeFaith (II)

Churches for every culture and civEdit

Church: Europeans (except Italians), Latin Americans, Balkans, Anglophones, and Africans (except Egyptians)Edit

Basilica: ItaliansEdit

Temple Wagon: EgyptiansEdit

Totems: Native AmericansEdit

Monument: South American NativesEdit

Monastery: AsiansEdit