Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Romani Wagons. Instead of training their Peasants from Town Centers like normal, their Roma Slaves come from wagons, giving them the option to create their Slaves directly where needed.
  • Dancing bears. Their unique building, the Circus, can train Pet Bears that can dance to produce even more of them and speed up unit production.
  • Bird's-eye view. They start with two Crows that automatically explore the map.
  • Forest of the dead. Their explorer can create a forest of impaled corpses around himself, causing great fear on enemies.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Master of none. They might have an easier time harassing, scouting the map and fighting in general, but they don't excel at anything. Therefore, if your opponent gets you to play his game, you are doomed.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Romanians have a couple of unusual units.

  • Vanator: A skirmisher with a lot of hitpoints.
  • Dorobant: Heavy infantry init with a lot of attack, but low in hitpoints.
  • Domnitor: Replaces the Cartographer; instead of leaving markers on the map, he has the Heart Stab ability to defeat enemies, and eventually gets access to the "Forest of the Dead," an ability which causes fear and revulsion in his enemies.
  • Corpse Catapult: It shoots limbs that scare the enemy units and spread plague.
  • Calarashi: A cheap light cavalry unit, good against cavalry.
  • Roma Slave: Their gatherer, trained from the Vardo.
  • Vardo: A mobile building that trains Roma Slaves.
  • Crow: A pet that automatically explores the map.
  • Circus: A building where you can put your Pet Bears to dance. Works like a Firepit.
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