Folk religion of Japan.

Two Kami spawn from your Kannushi when he dies.


Name Cost Description
RELIGIONShinto01 Spiritual Guardians 600 Resource gold, 1000 Resource fame Kami gain an aura that increases nearby Kannushi's hitpoints.
RELIGIONShinto02 Shrine Visiting 300 Resource gold, 300 Resource fame Your Jinja will slowly spawn Villagers over time.
RELIGIONShinto03 Purification 500 Resource wood, 300 Resource fame Villager hitpoints and speed increased.
RELIGIONShinto04 Kagura Dance 600 Resource gold, 600 Resource fame Increases the build limit of native settlement units.
RELIGIONShinto05 Protective Amulets 600 Resource gold, 1200 Resource fame Your Kannushi becomes resistant to ranged attacks.
RELIGIONShinto06 Syncretism 100 Resource gold, 100 Resource fame Allows you to research another Religion.