The Soldadera is a skirmisher that has reduced damage and resistance but is able to heal other units. It is unique to the Mexicans.

Overview Edit

This kind of light infantry is a support unit that works best when mixed in with other units, healing them in between battles.

Soldaderas, even when fully upgraded, don't do much damage – but they will keep other units alive.

Upgrades Edit

Brave Soldaderas:

Hit Points: 117

Ranged attack: 17

Siege Attack: 11

Hand Attack: 5

Cost: 200 Wood and 200 Coin


Hit Points: 154

Ranged attack: 23

Siege Attack: 15

Hand Attack: 7

Cost: 1000 Wood and 1000 Coin

Presidential Adelitas:

Hit Points: 199

Ranged attack: 29

Siege Attack: 19

Hand Attack: 9

Cost: 1500 Wood and 1000 Coin