Overview Edit

Bonuses Edit

  • Faster Shipments. As a show of support from your home city towards colonization, you’ll require less experience to earn your shipments.
  • Faster Arriving Shipments. In Wars of Liberty this not only means you earn them faster, they also arrive faster.
  • 3 Royal Guard Units. The Spanish have access to 3 Royal Guard units, instead of 2.
  • Combined Arms. Spanish units boost each other's stats, making their armies fearsome when large and varied.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Can't quite shine. Even when they are strong overall, for whatever your opponent's civilization is good at, he is better at it than you.

Unique units and buildings Edit

The Spanish have several unique units, mostly focused on early game.

  • War Dog: A loyal companion to the explorer. Good at taking treasures.
  • Regular: All-around heavy ranged infantry. Armed with a bayonet to beat cavalry.
  • Chapelgorris: Replaces Skirmisher. Costs less coin.
  • Demi-Lancer: Heavy cavalry with a bonus vs Heavy Infantry.
  • Missionary: A mounted monk with an aura that boosts your units.
  • Infante de Marina: Tough Heavy infantry unit trained from the docks.
  • Aduanero: Raiding ranged unit. Trickles coin.
  • Galleon: Replaces the Heavy Ship. Trains Infante de Marina. Highly upgradeable.
  • Batidor: Strong Heavy Cavalry with an aura that boosts speed.
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